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Tips on keeping makeup fresh during the summer heat

Kat BlackComment


Love that summertime glow but hate the sweat, oil and sticky makeup? Here are some tips to keeps your glow on but the waterworks off. Makeup breaks down because of oil, oil production increase because of heat, and sweat increases because of heat.

 1. Less is more. The heavier your makeup the more of a meltdown it will have. Think tinted moisturizers and bronzers.

2. Skip the powder. Powders cake in the heat. Use liquids. BB cream, CC cream, tinted moisturizer, cream blush, andliquid concealers are other non powder choices.

 3. If you must wear foundation. Use a oil free primer. The primer will help inhibit oil, decrease pore size, make up glides on a smoother surface and lasts longer.

 4. No lipstick. Use lipgloss, it looks fresher in the summer and is easy to reapply as needed. Plus it feels lighter on the lips.

 5. Waterproof mascara is a must in the heat. Who wants mascara dripping down their face at a wedding or as you get out of the pool? You can also find waterproof foundation and concealer.

 6. Freshen up with a spritz of your favorite facial mist. It will make you look and feel hydrated!

 7. Keep blotting papers handy. If you do have extra oily skin, the best thing to do is to gently blot with the papers. If you powder over the oil it will cake and also change the color of your foundation. Oil will make the powder go on darker and spotty. Yuck!

 Weather you are attending a wedding, a party or traveling, here’s 3 things to keep in your purse. Travel size facial mist, blotting papers and lipgloss. This is all you should need to stay glowing all day and all night!