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stay tuned for some exciting things!

Kat BlackComment

New things are on the horizon in my makeup world..I am working on my own makeup brush line and eyelash brand!  

I am creating a brush set for all experience levels.. which means there is a use for each and every brush in my kit! How many times have you purchased a coveted brush set and never use all of the brushes because you don't know what they are used for? The reason I am developing my own brand is because I have bought those same brush kits and even I can't find a use for half of the brushes in the set. My brush sets will be small and user friendly. You will be using every brush in your kit everyday. I am designing special sets which is determined by how much time you want to spend in the mornings applying makeup. I will also have videos on each and every brush showing you exactly how to use them! Im taking all of the guesswork out for you! 

As for my eyelashes, I have something new and different than most other lash companies...I can't tell you yet! Stay tuned for the release of my products that will save you time!

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